“I have so much to do, but I can’t seem to get focused to do any of it.”
“You can’t do this…”
“give up now”
“What an idiot! Seriously, what made you think you could do this?”
“You will never get to where you want to be.”

Sound familiar?

While our thoughts can look like an exaggeration from the outside, they can hit us like they are meant to be literal. When you begin to think about yourself in this way, what do you think the odds are you will get back on track? For some people, they feel the self-deprecating, “suck it up buttercup,” routine works, but for the rest of us, that shot to our self-image is enough to stop us before we get started. Rather than stay here, how does moving your energy to where it is more useful sound?

Just like a VHS tape, if you remember those, we have the ability to stop and rewind to where we’d like to be. When faced with a negative mindset do your best to:

1) Become mindful of those comments, and that energy you’re feeling in the moment.
2) Reflect on your thoughts and ask yourself: Is this harmful or helpful? Is this the way I want to think and feel?
3) If your thinking this isn’t helpful, change the way your are thinking about yourself or the moment. Replace those unhelpful thoughts with optimistic, goal driven, kind words you need to hear. You have the ability to think about your situation in more ways than one. Work to shift your thinking into a more supportive direction of you.

So let’s rewind:
“I can’t focus and that’s okay. I have a lot going on right now. I can get this done.”
“I can do this.”
“Keep moving forward. I’ve got this.”
“It’s only a matter of time, and it’s going to happen.”
“Before I know it, I will be exactly where I want to be.”

Please be kind to yourself, even in the most difficult of circumstances. The work begins within. With kindness, and mindfulness, you can be that version of yourself that you deserve to see more of.