“If I just put my head down and plow ahead for the next 5 years, I will be fill in the blank.” So many hopes and dreams motivate us to grind towards that far off undefined date while sacrificing today’s potential for bringing us what we need.

The stress of waiting for the next domino to fall is creeping into focus as we think maybe we can will our dreams into existence. Or as the overwhelm rises, we may anxiously wait for the next step of our plan to take shape. We tend to think that the path to happiness requires stress in the here and now. We often get into trouble when we pay less attention to where we are now and more attention to where we would like to be.

If you were to lift your eyes up from your screen, my hope is that you would be able to find the parts of your present that bring you joy. Leave that vision board on the wall and bring your attention to the happiness that can exist right now. You deserve that.