When that something awful happens, what do happens next?

Do you want to withdraw from your friends and family? You’re not alone in what you want.

Do you feel alone? Well, you’re not alone with that feeling either.

Do you believe that people to look at you differently? You’re not alone in that belief.

Do you think what happened is so unique, so impossible that no one could possibly understand? You’re not alone in thinking that way about your experience.

While our experience is our own, there is also a part of this that falls into something called common humanity. This concept is that other people have been through something similar to what you have, and have thought and the felt the way you have about their own experience. We are connected by our struggles, our moments that are hard to swallow, and our fears about what comes next. We are not as distant from other people as we may believe because despite the default we have to think they don’t get it… they do.

So what does this mean for you? Talking with someone you trust may not end with judgement, blame, shame, or distance. It can be met with understanding, compassion, and the care you need to get through to the other side. I mean hey, you could continue to grapple with the thoughts and feelings we mentioned above, or you could try to take a shortcut by talking it out with those people you rely on to help you feel more like yourself and less like an outlier.