Happy Friday! We made it! With the weekend upon us it’s time to take some time to enjoy ourselves. You’ll find me today walking with Emerson a.k.a. “the logo” in one of our favorite nature trails in the area.

Earlier on this very rare Friday off, I found myself on my computer thinking about work. I knew I had to close the laptop, grab my headphones, Emerson, and head outside. All that work and stress is a problem for me in the future to deal with. Now’s the time for me to unwind, recharge, and do the things I enjoy most. Plus I’m an episode behind on my favorite podcast! It’s unacceptable!

As for you: you’ve worked hard enough this week. When it’s quitting time for you, be sure to do something you enjoy and that makes you feel well. You deserve it. And just in case anyone gives you any flak for it, just tell them some therapist online told you to do it!😉

Have a great weekend!