This quote is from Bo Burnham’s comedy special Inside on Netflix. He sings about issues we all deal with as well as his own mental health during the pandemic. Although this is a comedy special, it really got me thinking about these two topics…

COVID, the internet, the news, social media, past trauma, stress, the list goes on. You can imagine apathy levels across the board have gone up. You may want to do nothing, participate in nothing, feel nothing. We can go through a lot in a day…it’s exhausting. Eventually we don’t have as much in the tank to rise to the next occasion. Apathy’s a tragedy because of the toll life has taken on you to bring you to this point.

What’s wrong with not having something to do? What’s wrong with twiddling your thumbs instead of googling what “twiddling” means? With so much going on around us, it’s hard to feel bored and be okay with it. FOMO sets in and it’s hard to tolerate the silence, or maybe the distractions help quiet what we are trying to avoid. Boredom is a crime because the expectation is to continue to remain engaged in something.

So what does all this mean for you and me? It’s okay to feel the way you do even if you don’t feel much. It’s okay that you may not have much to do, and you don’t always need to find something to fill the space. As we continue to work at being more present in our moment, we can connect with how we feel and what that means. It’s okay to not be thrilled, perfect, or active every waking moment.